Rabu, 02 November 2016

“Maybe one day I can change my mom’s situation”

Ruben: “Maybe one day I can change my mom’s situation”

Ruben and his mother No way could Ruben afford high school. He said, “I knew my dream was over.” But he desired an education SO much in order to help his mom out of poverty. Through Liberty School and you who walk with us, God answered his prayers! Here is his story taken from the video below in his own words:
From class six I haven’t seen my father up ’til now because he left. He went to where we don’t know. So I stay with mom here. My mom was the one who took me to a primary school. Then, when I finished, she took me to a secondary school nearby. I went there for one term only, but because of school fees I was forced to stay at home for the next two terms. My mom was unable to provide those school fees for me.
Some of my friends were going to school, but me I was just here. I knew if I can go to school, I can work hard, and maybe one day I can come and change my mom’s situation and move her to a better place.
But no one was willing to assist me and I knew my dream was over. We asked for help, but no one was willing.
One day, a friend of mine connected me to ‘Daddy.’ I call him daddy because he is the one who was willing to come and care for me. I call him Daddy. You call him John or director or bishop, but me I call him as my daddy.
I told him me I am wanting to go to school if I can find the chance to go to school. Daddy asked me if I can provide half of the school fees for the school. I told him, for now, I cannot provide anything. I just have nothing. What I have is only me.
So, we continued talking. He said, if you don’t have school fees, can you provide a uniform only so that you can come to school? I said, no Daddy. My mom does not have the money for school fees or for a uniform. So, he told me, if you don’t have school fees or money for a uniform, would you have the money to provide for books only? I told him, Daddy, I will tell you from the starting point, I have nothing.
So, if you have nothing for school fees or uniform or books, then maybe you can find some transport to come to class for the first day. (Note – Ruben lives over 10 miles from the school so he needed to get himself to the school for the first day where he could then board.) I told him, I don’t even have money for transport, but I can walk. I can use my feet because I want to be in school.
So, I came to school. He tells me if you are willing to go through education, I know your dream has been shut down. But now you are at Liberty School and if you are willing to work at your education, you can make it. I tell him, me I am willing. I am more than willing. Because, where I came from, especially the situation my mom is in, this is a difficult thing. So, I promised him that I would work hard in school.
Now, what I promised him, I think he is seeing what I am now doing in school. I am working hard so that I can fulfill what I promised him. Also, I am working hard so that I can fulfill my dream to become a doctor. And also to fulfill what I said that I want to help my mom. You know, this place, is a humble place. To at least shift her somewhere where she will be comfortable a little bit. So, I think that’s my story!

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