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Update, Prophetic, John on TV Friday-Thursday

Hi all,

I’ve got some quick updates, some things to look for prophetically, and general news. 

On a personal level: Chris’ behavior seems to be leveling out, and he is learning not to throw his toy cars at the aides in the group home and so forth, lol though a serious issue among others – Thank you for your prayers as anyone who has dealt with caring for the infirmed in your home or if they are at a facility can relate – it’s just ‘there’ always looming over you and always in the back of your mind. I'm losing weight slowly, but losing. Barb is doing good as well. 
John on TV this Friday and Saturday My 30 minute interview with Deborah Sweetin on 'The Deborah Sweetin Show' I've been told will air on the ORU TV network, GEBA, this Friday 2/17 and Saturday 2/18 at 6pm Central time Friday, and repeated Saturday at 5pm. Check your local provider for the channel in your area. (Direct TV channel 363)
Reasons to attend our Dutch conference May 25-28 (staying over 29-30 for site seeing if you'd like) include: Powerful prayer and worship, personal prayer, great teaching including Q&A, so much more than just house church related – well rounded! We are in a retreat setting where we all eat together, take walks, hang out informally, see old friends and meet new ones from several different countries. It is an investment in your destiny the impact of which can be life changing, not an expense, but an investment in your own life. You belong with others on the same spiritual page – great fellowship for hungry and thirsty souls. Email me if interested. 
March 16-21 I will be in Lithuania - it has been several years since I've been there and am SO looking forward to seeing old friends again and making new ones. I hope those in the area and region can join us for some meetings!
Knowing, actually knowing the Lord and Father Did you know the New Testament as we have it today was not formally recognized as the New Testament until the 1500's and 1600's (Though some Orthodox leaders came to the same conclusion 1000 years earlier, in the late 600's AD, but the compilation of the NT was a work in progress for the better part of 1,000 years with variations to this day between the Catholic Bible and the Protestant Bible). 
The apostle John's writings around the year 100 AD were the last to be included in the New Testament, but everything from the gospels to Paul's letters to John's writings were copied and discussed for centuries before Matthew through The Revelation were brought into the form called the New Testament that we have today. 
That means for centuries the letters of the New Testament were supplemental to one's faith for they were just passed around from house church to house church, and it was centuries later when men began forming them into a single volume and adding chapters and verses for easy reference to passages. 
The early Christians had to know the Father, had to know the Spirit of Truth within them, had to know the Lord. They were focused on Christ in them, the hope of glory, not words on a printed page for they had few words on the page. They knew the True and Living Person called the Word long before they had scriptures in print called 'The Word'. 
Today we have Christians arguing over this verse and that, so intellectually caught up in themselves they prove they don't truly know the Person called the Word of God. For if they did, they would know the Spirit of Truth who would correct their error filled beliefs. And they aren't man enough to step back from the argument to pray, seek the Father, seek the Lord, and see what the Spirit of Truth might think about what they believe. It is more fun, more challenging to argue and dig for this or that (weird) or off balance teaching than it is to close all the books, and just pray, think, contemplate, be still in worship and humility before the Father for HIS opinion. Paul told the Corinth presenting a different gospel, a different Lord, a different Spirit. They knew the Real so the counterfeit was obvious. 
While the compilers of the letters we know as the New Testament intended to do everyone a great service, and they did don't get me wrong, the unintended consequences was that people could switch their faith to words on paper rather than knowing the Word Himself. They could know the page without knowing the Person from whom those pages flowed. They could become hearers only, and not doers. They could become entrenched in intellectual smugness without actually knowing the Person and character of our Father. 
SO many times I've tried to talk to someone who tells me the Lord says this or that or the Father is this way or that based on how they pluck choice verses out of context to form the Word around what they want to believe, and I tell them 'You're wrong, because I know Him and He isn't like that.' 
They look at me dumbfounded, thinking me arrogant or just trying to play with their heads. Neither is true, I just know the Father very well and the Lord is my best Friend and I know the Father's Spirit in me - so if someone suggests the written Word says something contrary to how I know the Father to be, I know it is wrong. 
THAT is where the body of Christ is headed folks - to a people who know the Father, know His Spirit of Truth within, know the Person of Christ in us.  The truth is I don't go for the long held teaching "you must be in the Word everyday", for in common usage that means you are supposed to read 2 chapters a day, or at least some chapter or some passage and that is to help you in your faith. I get it. But I do get into the Word everyday though not as prescribed by church culture. I choose Bible culture. I start my mornings while just waking up saying 'Good morning Father, who do you want me to pray for today?' before I ever get out of bed. I ask the Lord 'Anything you want to tell me about the body of Christ today, or anything or anyone to pray for?' That may take 10 minutes or an hour, but usually about 30 minutes of praying in the Spirit as people and situations float up from my Spirit to pray for. Usually intercession doesn't take long, all the Father legally needs is an invitation to be at work in someone's life and He can take it from there. 
I am in the Word, every day, but I may not go to my chapter and verse on the page every day. My focus isn't on the page, but the One from whom those pages flowed. I know the author rather than the publisher. 
In that way I am thinking and studying and meditating on about 5 or 6 things 'in the Word' at any given time, shifting my attention to each 'rhema word' quickened in my heart, each principle or verse that stands out to me. When I need to find a verse related to one of those subjects I will pick up the scripture and go to it, but I have first gone to the Person called the Word for that inspiration and flow. I flow towards the written Word from Him, I don't flow from the written Word to the Person of the Word.
How to know Him? Put down your Bible, and spend that time talking to the Father about anything and everything - talk to the Father - find ways to give Him thanks - the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds, the things in nature, the great timing and order you see in your life, the destiny of heaven, whatever...stir up yourself by getting in touch with your heart and why you are really thankful to be saved, and go from there. Then when someone in your day expresses an opinion about something, you can just internally say 'What do you think about that Father?' and you'll be amazed. Include the Father, for from him the Person called the Word flowed, and from Him flowed the printed Word. Why not get to know the Source?  

Keep in mind something the Father said...and then this... Not 2 weeks ago I was thinking on something I’ve shared here that the Father said to me a year or more ago about the US. “The collapse will come when conservatives are in charge, and they will be blamed, though it was the actions of those before who are truly to blame…” - and more about the persecution coming on the US, etc. 
At the time I wondered how and when we’d see ‘conservatives in charge’ – then came the election. As I was thinking on those things He interrupted saying, “Notice how Europe is moving to a cashless economy? Economic difficulties there will accelerate this, and these difficulties must come to Europe first, which will cause a restructuring in the EU, before it comes to the US. The US will be blamed by many. But when it comes to the US, it will be sudden. But don’t fear, I AM, and will always provide for those who walk with me and look for Me to do so. Many will prosper in these days and in turn bless many..."
Don't fear, look for blessing, look for His provision, for He never changes - but you have to look for the revelation of HIs provision, and live like that. In this area 'according to your faith be it unto you' is very true. If you look for no provision you'll have it. If you believe II Peter 1:3-4 that all things that pertain to life and godliness have been provide, you will have it - according to your faith be it unto you - so look for it, ask the Father 'Where is your provision for this?' - and watch how He does it!
Weekly Facebook teachings reminder I usually do them Wednesday mornings 8am Central time US live, and are 8-11 minutes long, but they can be watched anytime. Just do a search at either site for ‘John C Fenn videos’.  

House church: We continue to see that following the simple, Biblical pattern of rotating who leads each week, and when possible rotating host homes weekly, leads to healthy and balanced house church relationships. We also sometimes see people who say they do house church but who don’t understand the purpose of leadership is to empower others. When they centralize who teaches to just 1, 2, or 3 ‘regular’ leaders, things stagnate, those who attend become spiritually anemic, and the ‘house church’ becomes merely the auditorium church in a living room. Just keep it simple, the Bible works!  

I feel like the proverbial duck on the pond – calm by all appearances but paddling furiously under the water. Know that when you mail in an offering or even no offering but just a prayer request (US residents) or email direct to me those requests, they are kept on a list by me and prayed for, usually daily and often more than once a day. I feel a real closeness to those of you who as Paul said in his life, have taken upon themselves the work of the ministry by their giving.

    We really, really, appreciate your giving and prayers for us!
        John & Barb

New cd/MP3 series:
This series identifies 5 'behind the scenes' reasons some prayers aren't answered, some are delayed, and how to come into agreement with the Father's will. All these reasons are connected by a single underlying truth. If you adjust your heart to this truth and look for the answers within that truth, you'll find the flow from heaven resulting in more of your prayers being answered, and your own heart changed in Christ. Good insights!


Ways People Miss God's Perfect Will for Them #2

Hi all,
Life is a series of small decisions, and in the Lord those decisions involve either making us into the image of our Lord, or making the Lord into our image. Each decision is either a decision for growth and change, or remaining in the familiar and comfortable. 
This series is about how people miss the Lord's perfect will, and I'm starting with the call to discipleship - not just a believer, but a disciple.
Jesus is not seeker-friendly
We live in a church culture that says just 'accept' Jesus and He will make all things better in life, "invite Him into your life" means He will come into your life and change it for the better. Where is the gospel of the scriptures that tells us salvation is about us changing into His image? 
When a person makes the decision to follow Jesus based on the modern version of the gospel, when the time comes that He asks them to make a hard decision like forgive someone, or to take a step of faith and take a job or course of study that wasn't in their plans, they will most often remain in their comfort zone 'just a little bit longer Lord'. At that point they explain away their refusal to grow - 'When they pick up the phone and contact me I'll respond' - instead of reaching out to try to build a bridge. "I will do that Lord, as soon as I get the job and housing lined up", and when it doesn't happen they explain it away by saying it must not have been God after all, but really what happened is their love became cooler for the Lord, wanting to serve Him in the comfort - whether that be their familiar bitterness towards someone, or refusing to enter into ministry - they delude themselves into thinking they love the Lord just as much, for their refusal to grow proves otherwise.  
All the while He is faithful to give them His peace down in their spirit, signaling He has made the way if they will just step forgive, to move, to reach out to that person...but so often they won't follow that peace - they love the Lord they say, but at that point they have become a hearer and not a doer. 
Last week we looked at 3 men which represented 3 categories of conditions people place on the Lord before they will walk in His perfect will for them: Comfort of knowing where they will live, financial security, and the support of family and friends. 
But look at other things Jesus said. To Peter He said if we want to follow Him we must take up our cross to do so. It was Peter's rebuke of Jesus in Matthew 16:21-26 suggesting Jesus not go to the cross that got the Lord's statement about carrying our cross, with the revelation to think otherwise is from Satan. Jesus said Peter cherished the plans of man rather than the plans of God, and that anyone who follows Jesus must crucify their own plans and carry that cross of God's plans for their life. That doesn't sound like Jesus conforming to our plans, but rather us crucifying (in a torturous process) our plans because we love Him so very much. 
In Luke 14:26 Jesus said if you did not 'love less' your extended family you can't follow Him. (Wife is not included in the Greek, and the KJV using 'hate' is not 'hate' in Greek, but 'love less', the sentence is a contrast putting love of Jesus so far above the love of those closest to you the contrast appears love/hate.) In other words - our love for the Lord is to be so white hot that in comparison our love for our extended family is far, far less. Is that true of us? Does our (your) extended family know you will follow Jesus' will for your life and ignore their emotion filled and reasoned plans for you if He asked you to do so? 
The conditions Jesus placed on following Him are very different from 'invite Jesus into your life'. The truth is, He is inviting us into His life, and it comes with a price: 
Total abandonment to Him in a life-long process of being conformed into His image, continuously affirmed by a life-long series of small decisions.  
We have millions of believers but relatively few disciples
Many people have a difficult time following Jesus in part because they approach His will in their lives in the same casual way they became a believer - hand raised, inviting Jesus into their life, praying along with everyone else in the congregation, and they were taught a gospel that says Jesus will conform to your life by healing your money, your body, and your relationships. So they approach their walk with Him in that same casual way, crying and whining with no backbone when He places before them what to them is a crisis-point decision, never having the drive to become the best person they can be in Him, conformed to His nature and character.
But Jesus is THE King and is the same Lord who made those statements in the gospels requiring totally abandonment of self to become a disciple. So when they say "I will follow you anywhere", He hears that through the ears of His statements in the gospels - and He will arrange things in your life accordingly. 
But when they say 'I will follow you anywhere', having come into the kingdom in that casual, hand raised easy gospel culture, they want to hold onto their plans and their (flawed, baggage filled character), loving the Lord only to the point Jesus makes it all better for them. Next week - a series of small decisions for Peter.
Peter's decisions...really, I will pick it up there next week...:)
John Fenn and email me at

New CD/MP3 Series


This series identifies 5 'behind the scenes' reasons some prayers aren't answered, some are delayed, and how to come into agreement with the Father's will. All these reasons are connected by a single underlying truth. If you adjust your heart to this truth and look for the answers within that truth, you'll find the flow from heaven resulting in more of your prayers being answered, and your own heart changed in Christ. Good insights!

Just a word about our On-line Video Bible School - these classes, so far; Old Testament I & II, Righteousness and Our Authority in Christ - are a go-at-your-own-pace, no test, investment in your own faith and understanding of the Word and Lord. Once registered, your password is good for a whole year so you can take your time, but as I'm hearing from students, once they start they have a hard time stopping! Each class is about 45-55 minutes long, so they are in easy to receive segments...consider investing in a deeper study of the things of God!

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How God Measures Faithfulness

John Bevere: How God Measures Faithfulness

John Bevere: How God Measures Faithfulness
John Bevere has asked many ministry leaders how to define faithfulness. Among the answers Bevere has gleaned are words you would think of: consistent, loyal, trustworthy, etc. But the definition he’s never heard is multiplication.
Jesus actually links faithfulness and multiplication in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). In this parable, we learn the master who handed out the talents calls the servants who were able to multiply “good and faithful,” while the third servant he calls “wicked and slothful.” The third servant doesn’t understand God’s character, Bevere explains. This servant called the master a “hard man” and was afraid to risk anything so that he might multiply the talents. He gives back to the master the same amount he was given in the first place—he only managed to maintain.
The lesson for us here, in the modern church, is that God is not going to be happy with us if we just maintain and never seek to multiply. It’s not enough to keep the talent safe—we have to overcome fear in order to multiply.
“In our labor, God views those who multiply as faithful and good, but God views those who maintain as wicked and lazy.”

Five Fun Ice-Breakers From Across the Globe

Five Fun Ice-Breakers From Across the Globe

Five Fun Ice-Breakers from Across the Globe
The time has come and you are hosting that first small group gathering, or group leader training. You wonder how to get everyone talking, or a way to “break the ice.” Well, wonder no more, we have got you covered. My name is Matt Wray, and I am the Small Groups director at Hillside Chapel, in New Albany, Ind. I have been blessed to do a lot of traveling in my life. I have been to Rome, met the Pope, and have been to Central America.
You are probably asking yourself what any of that has to do with a post on ice-breakers? Well, since you asked, in that last sentence are two truths and one lie. I love to do this as a way to get people talking in a new group. Figured out which is which yet? If you are still wondering, I have never met the Pope. I have been to Rome and also to Central America. I did this ice breaker with my own small group just a few short weeks ago, and it was a blast.
If you are like me, you probably have no trouble talking to others, or striking up a conversation. When I was a kid we went on a family vacation to Cedar Point, and I made a friend in the arcade at the hotel from Chicago. Our parents met, and the next day he came to the park with us. Talking might come easy for you, but what about some of your leaders, or the people in your groups.
We asked for your suggestions on some of the best ice-breakers you have heard or used, and we received several responses from all around the globe. That is one of the best things about the Small Group Network, being able to learn from others from all around the world. I compiled a list of some of the best ones we received from you.
1.  If you had a day with absolutely no obligations how would you spend it?
2.  Lucky Penny: Each person takes a penny and looks at the date. You then go around the room and each person tells something interesting that happened during that year
3.  Tell a story about your best friend from childhood. This works really well since it is personal, but not cheesy, and someone new would not feel uncomfortable with this.
4.  How-Wow-Pow-Chow: How: Are you doing right now? Wow: A wow moment from last week. Pow: A hard moment from last week. Chow: The best thing you ate in the last week.
5.  When was the last time you did something for the first time.
Remember, when you start thinking about an ice-breaker, your goal is to get your group talking. Sometimes this can be difficult, but with these examples, and others you might come up with, you will do just that. Have fun with these, and let us know if you use one, and the success that you have in getting your group to open up.
This article originally appeared here.

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True Church

When a church or movement organizes around a gifted leader and his particular vision or mission … It will grow rapidly at first but then stumble as it eventually bumps up against his limits.

This is not how it should be.

“Church” must never become a platform for one man, ministry or particular mission.

True church in Scripture is the wonderful, dynamic, fluid, multi-gifted, and fully participatory Body of Christ …Where all minister one to another and to a waiting world, each according to the unique grace and gifts God gives them.

There is no mono-church in the New Testament!

Disciples Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Disciples Come in All Shapes and Sizes

We should notice that Jesus calls different disciples to different roles, and during his life on earth, disciples followed him in different ways. In the come and see period of his first four months of ministry, Jesus collected more followers that the twelve who became closest to him. Many joined Jesus for a time, even though they may not have been personally invited. Other disciples were marginal or secret, like Nicodemus who came to Jesus under the cover of night and Joseph of Arimathea who was a secret disciple. But they were still considered disciples.


Bill Hull
Co-founder, The Bonhoeffer Project

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Free Forum Audio: "Women Discipling Women"

Disciple making is important for women. After all, they represent 60 percent of church goers in the U.S. That’s why we were honored to have Ariyana Rimson, Kandi Gallaty, Michelle Eagle, Shannon DeGarmo, and other women teaching at the most recent National Disciple Making Forum. Their track was called, “Women Discipling Women”. Download all the breakout sessions for this track for free by clicking here.
The session audio includes:
  • Discipling Your Children Through Trials
  • FORUM: The Impact of Discipleship on a Woman's Life
  • Building a Reproducible Women's Discipleship Group
  • Women Disciple Makers — Leaders Making Disciples
  • Discipling Women Through Evangelism