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Don’t You Know Me

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Don’t You Know Me
(No. 13, Pg 1-5)
June 17, 2015
By C. H. James
Teaching Objective:

To make both redeemed and unredeemed aware that not walking with the Lord will leave you feeling alone and isolated, like something’s missing.

Of all the things that could cause us pain, the one I fear the most is that of being alone. Loneliness is without equal and scares me; even the thought of it brings back unpleasant memories.

Text: Matthew 27:46 “Eli, Eli, La-ma-sa-bach-tha-ni” That is to say, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?

Many fail to see or understand the reason for this sudden change in our heavenly Father’s behavior, but for one moment, Jesus had become the most vile, loathsome being that ever drew a breath. How could a pure, holy, righteous God endure looking at his Son in this condition? He bore the sin of all mankind; our sin, our shame, our disgrace and in this moment, our separation.

On his way to the cross, Jesus had suffered many forms of torture, mental and physical, but:

No mention is made of him crying out in pain when he was being beaten or when receiving those terrible 39 lashes. No mention is made of him calling for mercy when his torturers were ripping out his beard or jamming a crown of thorns down over his head.

No mention is made of even a whimper while dragging his cross through the streets naked, to Calvary’s hill. The biblical record mentions no begging or pleading when the nails were being driven through his hands and feet or when his bleeding, nude body was being raised, as a public spectacle, between two thieves.

The only time, the voice of agony was heard, was when he said, “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you forgot something or that something was missing? Have you ever felt alone in the middle of a crowd? Have you ever felt something was missing from y our life, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was? God never wanted any of us to live alone. Our spirit suffers when we feel this way. When a loved one dies or our mate leaves us, divorces us or abandons us, the pain is so great that some, unable to bear it, take their own life or attempt to. With Jesus, you will never be alone!

Surrounded by a group of faces illuminated in the flickering light of a fire burning to chase away the night chill carried on the desert air, the one called Peter sat, his mind tormented by a variety of thoughts. Peter felt abandoned and alone, more alone than he had ever felt before and fear now caused him to tremble.

He wasn’t aware that a young woman had been staring at him, studying his face until, breaking her silence, she said, “This man was with him,” referring  to the one being interrogated on the other side of those big doors just in front of them.

Obviously irritated, Peter answered, “Woman, I don’t know him.” A few moments later, another recognized him and said, “You are one of them!” Once again, Peter lied and denied it saying, “Sir, I am not!” Thing quieted down again for about an hour until another man, speaking with conviction, blurted out, I tell you, truly, this man is a Galilean and was with him;” once again, referring to Jesus.

For the third time, Peter responded, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” At that moment, a rooster began to crow and Peter, remembering what Jesus had said, began to cry bitterly. His pain however, was interrupted when the great door to the house of Caiaphas opened and Jesus was escorted out. His eyes met Peter’s for just a moment before he vanished into the night.

What did the Lord’s eyes say?

They might have said,
Peter, remember when we met on the shore of Galilee, where I first called you and Andrew, your brother; are you sure you don’t know me?

Peter, don’t you recall when I came to your home and healed your Mother-in-law as she lay sick; Peter, don’t you know me?

Remember the day we took two fishes and five loaves of bread and fed 5,000 not counting women and children: what a day! Peter, surely you know me?

How about the day I came to your boat through the tempest, walking on the water, remember, you asked if you could leave your boat and join me on the water and you did? You must remember that; don’t you know me?

I remember a day when people were confused about who I was. Some thought I was John, the Baptist, others thought I was Elijah and a few even thought I might be Jeremiah. I asked you then, “Who do you say I am?” and you answered, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Peter, you know me!

Without Christ, we will find ourselves standing afraid and alone at wit’s end.

Wit’s End Corner

Are you standing at Wits’ End Corner,
Christian, with troubled brow?
Are you thinking of what is before you
And all you are bearing now?
Does all the world seem against you,
And you in battle alone?
Remember-at Wits’ End Corner
Is just where God’s power is shown.

Are you standing at Wits’ End Corner,
Blinded with wearing pain,
Feeling you cannot endure it,
You cannot bear the strain,
Bruised through the constant suffering,
Dizzy and dazed and numb?
Remember-at Wits’ End Corner
Is where Jesus loves to come.

Are you standing at Wits’ End Corner,
Your work before you spread,
All lying, begun, unfinished
And pressing on heart and head
Longing for strength to do it,
Stretching out trembling hands?
Remember-at Wits’ End Corner
The Burden Bearer stands

Are you standing at Wits’ End Corner,
Yearning for those you love,
Longing and praying and watching,
Pleading their cause above,
Trying to lead them to Jesus,
Wond’ring if you’ve been true?
He whispers-at Wits’ End Corner
‘I’ll win them as I won you.’

Are you standing at Wits’ End Corner,
Then you’re just in the very spot
To learn the wondrous resources
Of Him Who faileth not!
No doubt to a brighter pathway
Your footsteps will soon be moved,
But only at Wits’ End Corner
Is God most wonderfully proved.

If you’re standing at Wit’s End Corner, why not begin your relationship with Christ?

Here and now, begin by simply praying:

Father, I’m a sinner in need of your forgiveness. I desire to change, repent and follow Christ. I choose to walk in the light of righteousness. I ask you to receive me, cleanse me and fill me with your Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus, your only begotten Son, died for my sins. I’m ready to be reborn as a new spiritual creature and give you the rest of my life if you’ll have me. Look upon my heart, oh Lord, and see, my desire is to follow and serve you. I know you’ll never abandon me!

Romans 8:38, 39 (Living Bible)
38 For I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels won’t, and all the powers of hell itself cannot keep God’s love away. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow,
39 or where we are-high above the sky, or in the deepest ocean-nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when he died for us.

So You Would Know

How many times must I prove how much I love you
How many ways must my love for you I show
How many times must I rescue you from trouble
For you to know just how much I love you

Didn’t I wake you up this morning
You were clothed in your right mind
When you walked upon a problem
Didn’t I step right in on time
When you were weak along life’s journey
My angels kept by you
So you would know just how much I love you

How many days must I be a fence all around you
How many night must I wipe your tears away
How many storms must I bring you safely through
For you to know just how much I love you

Didn’t I put food on your table
Show up when your bills were due
When those pains were wracking your body
Didn’t I send healing down to you
When you were lost in sin and sorrow
I died to set you free
So you would know just how much I love you

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