Sabtu, 05 November 2016

Church that meets under a tree

Hi Church,
We are more than mid-way through our fall tour of Africa. Your prayers and concerns have kept us going!
There is nothing like a couple of bouts with colds, stomach bacteria (you know the kind), and even a urinary tract infection (tmi?) to keep one dependent on God’s power and grace!
Despite this, we have been so encouraged by the work of the disciplemaking church planters, by the progress at the school/orphanage, and by the communities being impacted by water filters. AND there is more to come!
I thought you would enjoy the short report (below) from the DR Congo regarding a church that meets under a tree.
IN ADDITION, here are some up-to-the-minute posts from our travel blog. YOU make all of this happen as you partner with us!!!

Church under a tree

church meeting outside in African villageObviously church does not depend on a building nor even a home big enough to meet in.
Here church is taking place among a pygmy tribe in the Congo. Steven is sharing the message of the Kingdom of God while making drawings in the dirt for illustrations. Shortly after this he baptized a new disciple by the name of Akulu.
The wonder of the Gospel is that it does not require more than this simple setting in order to be planted with power that can transform lives!
Thank you for your prayers and partnership in changing lives!
Roger & Brooks

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