Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2016

Transform Your Small Group to Live as Good News

It’s happening.
Churches are starting to shift their Small Groups to more mission-focused, incarnational communities. And many people I know are forming new “missional communities” among their family and friends.
That is super encouraging!
But here’s the thing: Christians have spent years listening to sermons, studying theology and doing Bible studies, yet still feel intimidated or unable to naturally express the good news of the Gospel into normal life, conversations, and circumstances.
I want to share one of my secret weapons that’s made a big difference in all of this. Check out my latest post and video...
Transform Your Small Group to Live as Good News 
A Proven Way to Grow in Gospel Fluency
Whether transitioning your groups, or starting from scratch, you’ll discover that your people need a greater grasp of the transforming gospel that touches all of life.
And when you get this right, everything else changes. Life together in community becomes possible-not out of obligation-but out of a gratefulness and confidence that the gospel alone can give. [click to continue and go step-by-step]
In this together...

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