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blind man plants churches

Hi Church,
As you read this, Brooks and I are traveling in East Africa where we will spend the next seven weeks. As always, you can join us by subscribing to our up-to-the-minute travel blog.
Your prayers are always so appreciated as we make our way from the large cities of Kigali and Kampala to the rural areas of Kenya and Tanzania. We are so grateful to be on the journey with YOU!
Your support of the work in DR Congo and Uganda leads to wonderful stories like these!

Blind man plants churches

OmariThe team from DR Congo shares the story of one of their amazing church planters who inspires them with his faith and courage:
Omari, nicknamed “Mtumishi” meaning ’servant,’ is a blind young man, married and father of 2 children. He has become one of our fruitful church planters in DR Congo.
He has developed 14 leaders who are working with him to spread networks. According to him, he has reached and started himself two churches but his leaders have started more than 20. He doesn’t visit every church because of his weakness, but the leaders come to him for training and to share in the word of God together. His faith inspires all of us to reach more according to our capacity.

You provide Bibles & baptisms in war-torn area

Northern Uganda has been decimated by tribal wars for years. It is a poor and desolate area. Henry (team leader of Uganda) shared with us: “The word of God has to be spread in the northern parts of Uganda because these people have been in wars and they have not received the word of God.”
baptism in UgandaWith your help, Bibles are being distributed in this area and, because of the growing team of church planters, more and more baptisms are taking place! (And, yes, Henry needs a new phone/camera which we will be providing him when we see him next month!)
Your help supporting this team is life-changing for many!
Much Love,
Roger and Brooks

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