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But, how…?

  Hasil gambar untuk but how?

But, how…?

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Questions. There are lots of questions as our trainings unfold. This time we were working with those seasoned in making disciples who are working hard to become trainers themselves. They have been doing the training this time with Roger coming alongside and coaching them for the past few days and it’s been pretty amazing. We are learning so much from them!! Even from the front one of the guys said, “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. NEVER have any of us seen mzungus (whites) sit down while an African does the training…and look they are even taking notes while I speak!”
Irenie training us! :)
Our esteemed trainers: Bernard (Western Uganda), Irenie (Eastern Uganda), and Bosco (Northern Uganda) Questions for newcomers to the movement come often and well thought out. This time we were with a group of folks from Western Uganda, near the border of DR Congo. One of their questions was, “But, how, how do you find someone you can make into a disciple?”
For this question, John Omondi (Kenyan church planter) stepped up to answer from one of his many experiences. Laughing and shaking his head he said, “It’s easy, you guys, it’s so easy! For example, there was a time I was eating in a hotel (restaurant) with my friends. We saw this old, old man come in with a boy. They were coming from the hospital because they had been in a motorcycle accident and the boy had a big long cast on his leg. They were from the village and come far. They only had 20KSH left and were so hungry. We told that old man to order anything he wanted to eat and we paid for their food. About a week later that man saw me in town and came to me. He invited me to his home. (After spending time with him and developing relationship with him) now that man has a church in his home and he has reached out to so many people on his own and started groups.”
George (Kenyan church planter) and John Omondi “Now, I can tell you another story. For me, I am looking for someone we call a person of peace from Luke 10. This is a story about a woman I saw by the road who was living in great poverty. She had a big, big bag of sukuma wiki. I bought that whole bag even though I am the only one that likes those greens. The Holy Spirit was leading me. I saw that woman and could see she had a need and she had something to share. Now…the next time we passed by that lady, she came up to me and said, ‘Anything you are saying or want to say, I will accept.’ We told her, ‘We just want to come to visit you at your home.’ Now, I can tell you that woman she has begun five house churches.”
This is just one example of the amazing people we get to work with. Their passion and love for their people and their God is truly inspiring.
Typical of a scene in rural Africa, where a farmer is transporting bags of kale from his farm to the nearest market. Probably the woman in John’s example actually carried a bag of kale this size on her head or back the whole way to town.

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