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Message from Hugh Halter

Its 5 0'Clock Somewhere
From the beginning of time, and from the beginning of the church in the book of Acts, God's people patterned their lives around celebration, feasts, social gatherings, levity, story-telling, eating, drinking, laughter, and listening. It was a means of connecting people together but it also was the means by which the gospel was seen, heard, and experienced. After Peter shared a meal and a home with a Roman centurian, the church changed and party became sacrament for the church.

Social connection almost always preceeded spiritual connection and although it used to be 5 O'Clock somewhere, sadly, the church is the last one to the party.

It's time for the church to re-align or rhythms to include the ancient art of party!

In my personal story of starting two churches, both of which were amongst a very secular culture, EVERY single person who found faith in Jesus, were first invited to a party. ​

From Small Group to Missional Community
As I now spend my life traveling the globe encouraging the missionary spirit, my first play is to teach people how to play, enjoy, and create tables that bring people together.

Party is where everything starts. Its where we learn to listen instead of judge; where we become advocates instead of adversaries; and where people cease to be targets or projects because they are becoming our friends.

So what can you do?

Check out Happy Hour. I wrote it not to make light of excesses or
tea-toltlers, but to bring to light the power of levity, food, and all things
related to holy merriment. I wrote it as a basic training for would-be
missionaries and it is full of doable baby steps a more human way to
follow Jesus and make Him known to others.

To get the book, go to my personal blog site @ http://www.hughhalter.com/books.htm

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