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Zoe explains SASHET

What difference would it have made if your family growing up would have done this?
September 12, 2016

John is part of a five week Church 101 Course led by Kent Larson (LK10 Coordinator in Southern California).  The Course teaches two "rhythms of attention" as foundational for both family life and church life.  John has taught the first rhythm (Checking in with SASHET) to his family and his young daughter, Zoe, clearly "gets it".  (SASHET is an acronym for the six primary emotions:  Sad, Angry, Scared, Happy, Excited, Tender.)

Here are some questions to ponder...
  • What would it have meant if your family growing up had been a safe place for everyone to regularly name and value their emotions? What if your parents had modeled this for you?  What if they had made time and space for you and your siblings to do this?  What if everyone in your family had learned to listen deeply when people shared their emotions?  What if husbands and wives learned to share like this with one another?
  • What difference would it make if church were a place where people regularly connected on a heart level by "checking in with SASHET"?  How would this help us obey Romans 12:15?  "Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep."  What kind of community would result from doing this over time?  What if churches became what John Eldredge calls "fellowships of the heart"?  (Note:  Checking in is not all there is to church but its a great starting place!)
  • What difference would it make if church was simple enough that children (like Zoe) could fully participate?
  • What if these rhythms were so simple that they could be self-propagating? Spreading from one family to another like a sort of benevolent virus?
  • What if this kind of heart level communication spread to every household in America?  (You don't live in the US?  We have powerful stories of these rhythms of attention changing lives and families in Germany, Uganda, Russia, France, Australia, Uruguay and Thailand.  So far.)
Our vision is to transform American (or fill in your country) one household at a time. Interested?  Here's how to engage...
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  2. Facilitate a Church 101 Course with your friends.  (Once you've been through the Course, you are ready to lead one yourself.)

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