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Jen's check in: "I've got a headache from excitement!"

Jen's check in:  "I've got a headache from excitement!"
July 21, 2016
In her email to me this week, Jen Hamilton (LK10 Coordinator in Thailand), checked in this way:   "I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I’m too excited!! I’ve got a headache from excitement!!  I’ve got a 9 hour drive tomorrow so I guess I'd better try.”
So, what's this all about?
First, the big picture.  Last November, I received an inquiry about our Church 101 Course from an Aussie lady named Jen Hamilton. She had found our website from a friend on Facebook.  She and her husband, Wayne, were missionaries in central Thailand.  After looking at our website, she wrote, "So how do I learn more? Is it doing your church 101 course? I think it is an amazing concept & just this arvo (an Aussie word for afternoon) I have learned a lot (from the LK10 website) & am excited about where this could go in the future. I think its something that God will use in Thailand.”
JW:  I’m thinking, “Hmm… she sounds like another answer to our 10:2b prayer.”
By February, Jen had taken her house church through Church 101 and had signed up for our Leader 101 Course.  Now, five months later, she has become a regular and valued member in our Monday evening (for her, Tuesday morning) Leader Team.

JW:  Quite remarkable to be in a virtual spiritual community twice a month with leaders from Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Arkansas, Kansas and... Thailand!
Anticipating their trip.  This week, Jen and her husband traveled 9 hours to northern Thailand to meet with a friend of theirs who is part of the H’tin tribe.  In preparing for their visit, Jen wrote about their friend, “He's a super evangelist!! He has planted I don’t know how many house churches in this area. Just amazing stuff...  JW:  Another 10:2b answer!

I brought all the lessons (Church 101) with me for him and his family to go through. Since I’ve hooked up with you guys (the LK10 Community), its really been on my heart to share all this with him. We both have the same heart and get on well together and work well together. Even though we are 9 hours away now. He used to live in our city.  He is definitely an apostolic church planter. I believe this will be a great thing for his churches and his ministry. It would strengthen and encourage him & his people on a daily basis. I’m excited for it!! He works crazy ridiculous hours as he is the only shepherd these people have." 
After their first meeting.  After their first meeting, Jen wrote:  "I’m beyond excited tonight! This morning I taught it (Church 101) to Nott and his family. We checked in together etc. He made his daughter take notes. He said they are going to do it together at first till they get the hang of it and then share it with his people. I think he sees the value in it for them. We prayed the 10:2b prayer together - mine & Wayne’s (Jen’s husband) phones both went off together (at 10:02 am). We are adding him & his daughter to our Leader Team."  

JW:  I continue to be amazed that these simple two "rhythms of attention" are equally effective with people in Texas and California and Germany and Uganda and with tribal people in Thailand.

Jen is in our Monday Leader Team but has also started another Leader Team with her friends from Australia and Thailand

(In the photo below, Jen is teaching Lesson One in Church 101 to Nott and his family)

The next day.  The next day, Jen writes:  "We spent the day out visiting people in their homes. Mainly praying for sickies (Aussie speak!) but everywhere we went I could see how it (CO2) would so work with these people. To encourage each other on a daily basis. He invited heaps of people to a meeting tonight (because the farang-(foreigners)- were in town) About 50 people rocked up and the first thing he started talking to them about was CO2s and how we had taught him and he is going to start teaching it to them! He was talking like a pro - like he'd been doing it his whole life. (See photo below)

JW:  The value of simple concepts.  Nott learned the rhythms one day and taught them to his people the next.

Jen concludes here email with: "I dont think Ill be able to sleep tonight. Im too excited!! Ive got a headache from excitement!!  Ive got a 9 hour drive tomorrow so I guess I'd better try."

JW:  One of the better "check ins" I've heard!   :-)

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