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John Fenn, We are Light #1; The Universe Too

Hi all,
I've long been fascinated by clues in scripture about the interface between the invisible God and the physical world. We are told the worlds were framed by the Word of God; the invisible created the visible*. Paul observing creation teaches* us the things of God. (*Hebrews 11:3, Romans 1:20)
"God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all." I John 1:5
That dark night sky isn't really dark at all - the universe is bathed in light
You may not realize how full of light you and I are, in fact the whole universe is full of light. We look into the night sky and see darkness, but that isn't the truth because we can only see a tiny sliver of the light spectrum that is sandwiched between infrared and ultraviolet. Below is the full spectrum, with the part of light we can see with our physical eyes being that very narrow part in the middle, highlighted in full color.

All we can see with our physical eyes is within the narrow band of visible light, though I've been in the Spirit and have seen colors beyond earthly colors - more on that next week. When the sun goes down and the daylight fades and there is no moon, we talk about how dark it is. We get up in the middle of the night when no lights are on, and feel our way to the bathroom. 
But the truth is the night isn't dark, nor is your home in the middle of the night. The truth is our physical eyes are designed to only see that narrow part of the light spectrum highlighted in the chart. But that doesn't mean light isn't all around us, in fact our bodies (and spirits) emit light and we even have light beams passing through our bodies 24 hours a day, every moment of our lives. The universe is bathed in light and it is in fact never, ever dark.
Moving to the left of visible light is infrared. Infrared includes heat. Your body emits light in the wavelength of 10 micrometers. That's right, just sitting there you are a being of light. Your body heat is light and you've seen soldiers, law enforcement and others use infrared glasses to see light emitted by living things. That oven you heat food with is light. You cook your food with light whether on an open fire, an oven, or....
Further left on the chart - microwaves
When you use a microwave oven you are using light, for microwaves are light too. The inside of that oven is probably lit by a light bulb that gives off light, so your eyes can see the food you are cooking with light.
Furthest left are radio waves
Radio and TV (and wifi) waves are light. As you switch from radio station to radio station, or turn your TV from channel to channel all you are doing is changing from one light beam to another light beam (wavelength) within the radio wavelength. If you have an antenna on your TV it is a device to see light (radio/TV waves) that we can't, and convert them into sound and pictures.
All those beams are shining all around us and through us 24/7 - through the walls of your home into your radio and TV which have been built to 'see' each individual wavelength of light and convert them into speech and pictures.
When a TV light signal is produced at (for example) a sporting event and beamed up to a satellite, the satellite relays the beam of light (signal) down to the earth, bathing the earth with that light (signal). Realize we have thousands of TV and radio stations beaming signals at the same time, and all those beams of light are shining all around us and through us - plus all those occuring naturally in nature by stars and galaxies!
If you have cable, a cable company has many satellite dishes picking up various wavelengths of light (signals) from hundreds of broadcasts, and sends that light through glass tubes called fiber-optic cables which carry the light to your home where it is converted to various TV station signals on your TV. (Or by copper wire called coaxial cable) It is all light!
X-rays, the right side of the spectrum
As we move now towards the right side of the chart: Visible sunlight contains UV or ultraviolet light, just outside our visible range. It is UV rays that damage our skin (burn or tan us) and fade fabric and cause plastic left outside to become brittle. 
Moving further right are the x-rays we get at the hospital - invisible-to-us beams of light aimed through our bodies, used by doctors because some of that x-ray light is stopped by solid things like bones and more dense tissue and can be seen on special x-ray film. And the universe is filled, literally filled with x-rays and gamma rays and radio waves (and infrared) as well as a lot of visible light - even when we can't see light when we look into the night sky, if we could see invisible light we'd need sunglasses because it is so bright. The universe is literally, lit up with light. Your body emits light. Light fills the universe.
Think of that - the universe is full, absolutely full of light - but all we can see of that light is just that tiny sliver on that chart, so when the sun goes down we think it is getting dark - it isn't - it is just as light as before, merely missing that very narrow bandwidth of light we humans can see.
The great I AM
He is light in the realm of the Spirit and He made physical light. So by looking at physical light we see characteristics of its Creator.
The Father is light and Jesus said He is the I AM, meaning the ever-present One. Those are spiritual truths. In the physical realm Einstein calculated as you move towards the speed of light mass becomes infinite and time stands still.
Mass becoming infinite at the speed of light explains how the Father is everywhere by His Spirit - His mass is infinite because He is light. It also explains why Christ is the ever-present One, the I AM, because being light it means time stands still for Him - there is no time.
Time to Him is like a table top. He is standing above that table top looking down and can see from one edge to the other and everything on the table all at once. He is able to move freely from one end to the other - it is all the same to Him as He is above the table/time and is therefore ever present at all parts of the table top at the same time. He is the I AM, the
ever-present One.
In Ephesians 5:8-9 Paul writes this: You were before time darkness, but now are you light in the as the light...Daniel 12:3 says "Those that are wise will shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever."
I've run out of room today and will make my larger point next week..until then, consider what we don't see, and that we are beings of light...until next week, blessings,
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