Kamis, 29 September 2016

"Wilderness Series" (free download)

Get this entire audio teaching
(4 messages, 7 hours) free...
Hi Dave,

I recently completed a rather intense series of live webinars where I freely shared everything that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart with increased urgency.

The end result was a Scriptural and prophetic explanation as to why so many are leaving Organized Religion to follow Jesus “outside the camp” in the Wilderness - and why God is calling His people to come out of the religious system.

Ever since, I've been swamped with requests from people who missed those live teachings and wanted to have an audio recording to listen to or share with others.

I believe these are too important not to share, and I don't want money to be a barrier to anyone who wants access to them.

So I am making them available to you today through our online catalog...free.

You'll get instant access to four MP3 audio files (over seven hours of teaching) so you can download them to your computer or mobile device and listen to them.

Go here to learn more and order your copy:

Important Note: After you add this to your cart, enter coupon code HEB1313 to get $20 off this program, which makes it FREE.

I am your brother,
Chip Brogden 

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