Sabtu, 03 September 2016

Where's God when stuff happens? A different perspective ...

Hi Friends, Frank V. here.
Unless you're new to my email list, you know that I'm releasing a new eBook very soon that I'm giving away to all my email subscribers (that's you). The book is called WHERE'S GOD? WHAT TO DO WHEN GOD DOESN'T HAVE YOUR BACK.
The book includes chapters by 21 Christian leaders from diverse theological perspectives and backgrounds, all responding to the agony of unanswered prayer.
As a preview of the book, I'm giving all of you the chapter I wrote for it. The link below will take you there.
Jon Zens read the article two days ago and his response was, "This is excellent, superb!" 
I hope you feel the same.
Here's the link to read the chapter -- MAYBE FAITH ISN'T WHAT WE THOUGHT IT WAS -- if it blesses you, you can share it using the social share buttons below at the bottom of the page.
Finally, if you're new to the email list, check out The Deeper Christian Life Network. Registration will open one more time this year (2016). If interested, join the Wait List.
Hopefully, I'll be able to send "Where's God?" to you in my next email update.
     Psalm 115:1
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