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John Fenn, Ministry Opportunity in the Netherlands

Hello friends!
This is written especially to those in the EU, but also to those in many other nations who have been to our annual Dutch conference, and all the saints who have a heart for family and home based churches.
Wil and Ank Kleinmeulman have been long time friends and co-workers with us, leading the vision in Europe and the EU, traveling to homes in many European nations bringing love and teaching with grace in genuine fellowship, and our hearts are knit together by the Spirit. Below is a letter and pictures as they share their heart. Here is my brief summation:
They currently live in a rented townhouse and though quite limited in space, have hosted people from all over the world (with great inconvenience often, due to space limitations), their hearts being so much larger than their home. But now they have an opportunity to rent a larger home, one that will match the largeness of their hearts and love, allowing multiple guests to stay in a quiet rural setting, a retreat center within itself, yet close to all the conveniences.
It would also allow them to host regional conferences, and enable them to invite those who want to learn more about house church into their home for a longer stay, to talk and see it in action in their home! During our annual conference it would mean less of a burden arranging international guest's accommodations in friend's homes as they transition in and out of the country, which has always been stressful. 
CWOWI currently donates several hundred Euros monthly to CWOWI EU which has helped with everything from their travels in Europe and hosting, to their time invested in service to others, but as you'll read below, this move would add about $1000 Euros ($1000-1100 US) to their monthly outlay. We are writing especially to those in the EU and Europe to consider donating monthly to help support this larger host home.
CWOWI has committed to increase our monthly giving, and we are writing in hopes some of you, especially those in Europe and the EU, and those who have been to their home or conference, will consider making a 1 year commitment to help.
The four of us, Wil, Ank, Barb and myself have known by the Spirit the Father was going to present an opportunity like this at some time, and in the last 3 or 4 years we could tell the season was approaching. There has been a total peace in our spirits about it, though the extra budget challenges the mind, yet the peace remains.
But as always, Wil and Ank are submitted to the will of the Lord and only want what He wants. If people respond, it is well and they will move forward as it fills a huge need. If not, they and we will continue to pray and seek the Father's provision for something else. We submit Wil and Ank's letter and pictures for your consideration.
    Blessings and thanks,
         John and Barb Fenn
Hi all!
Most of you know who we are and what we do, but for those who don’t we are Wil and Ank Kleinmeulman from the Netherlands and we got to know John and Barb in 2004 and recognized the Divine connection; something the Lord had spoken to us about in 1980 now came into being and we immediately affiliated with CWOWI, what has been a great blessing to us!
We started off as a house church and did so for many years. We also organized yearly Saturday conferences, which were held in a school building, where John ministered about house church and such.
We felt led to organize a weekend conference, in 2010 and for the fist time people from outside the Netherlands came, which was great!
Since then we have held annual conferences in a retreat center and people from all over Europe and the States, even from Africa attend. It has been quit a challenge to host people from
abroad and our home was always filled with people; we had to find other families willing to host.
The ministry has grown, is growing, and we have been visiting people here in the Netherlands and abroad to help them do house church, to answer questions, to teach, etc.
For years we had a vision in our hearts about a ‘refuge’ house (in the Old Testament were cities of refuge): a place people could go to be refreshed, to have fellowship with other Christians, to learn more about the Lord, to be taught, to have mini-conferences and so on.
We know there is a need for people to be able to visit us and to stay over for a night or maybe a couple of days. Especially people from abroad, Belgium, Germany, England etc.
The home we live in now is not suitable to do that.
The Lord led us to a house, also in the center of our country, in a small village, but still close to main highways and airports. That house was not available for more than a year, but now we have an opportunity to rent it.
On the first floor it has a big living room, big kitchen, a bed/bathroom, office space and on the second floor 5 bedrooms, bathroom and there is even a third floor with another big space for guests (bed-and living room).
That means we can host families but also individuals, even at the same time! It is nice and quiet there, a ‘retreat’ you could say.
From early on we had such peace about this house, and we feel this is what the Lord has prepared for us and for CWOWI: not just a place for us to live, but a house for the network and the work of the Lord.
But…we need your help to be able to pay the rent. We come short 1000/1200 euro’s a month.
That might seem a lot, but the CWOWI family is big and together we can do this and make it possible.
So we ask you for a monthly donation, for the time of one year. For instance: if 10 people give 100 euro’s a month, it can be done. Or 20 people 50 euro’s, etc., but it has to be a commitment on your side to support us for that time being, so that we can go ahead and sign the contract for the house.
The broker mentioned that other people are interested in that house too and he gave us one week to decide what we are going to do….so we do not have much time…
Will you prayerfully consider helping us pay the rent for this ministry house?
If so, let us know as soon as possible, in the next days and let us know the amount you are willing to give monthly.
You can send us an email: cwowi@solcon.nl Or go to our website: www.cwowi.eu, or send John an email: cwowi@aol.com
Thank you soooo much!
We will give you updates about what is going on and how the house is being used by the Lord! And of course you are always welcome to come and see for yourselves!
Below are some pictures of the house, that will give you an idea.
The village is Asch, you can look that up in Google earth. A bit more to the south from where we live now, close to Buren, a very nice place. (some of you have been there)
    Much love,
        Wil and Ank

            Front of the House                                                              Front/Side of the House
    View from the back of the house

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