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How to survive a crisis ...

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Hey, Frank V. here. This email was supposed to go out yesterday (Thursday), but we moved to a new email service and there were some complications. So I apologize for it being a day late. Here it is:
If you are NOT going through a crisis right now, you will.
Life is peppered with adversity, hardship, challenge, and difficulty.
This is especially true if you're a Jesus-follower. We are promised suffering, hardship, and tribulation.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend suddenly breaks up with you.
You lose your job. Or you still can't find one.
You have a parent who is terminally ill.
Your best friend is in critical condition.
Your spouse doesn't want to be married anymore.
You have an enemy who is obsessed with destroying your life.
Your baby is sick and the situation is only getting worse.
And on and on.
How do you cope?
How do you survive without being destroyed?
How do you keep from becoming bitter (which is spiritual suicide)?
Well, here are several ways that will enable you to survive your present -- or future -- crisis.
1. Embrace the reality of the situation.
Many people crash-and-burn because they aren't willing to acknowledge the seriousness of their crisis. They pretend it doesn't exist. Or they minimize it.
Some overdramatize it.
A helpful way to avoid falling off one side of the horse or the other is to write down the reality of the crisis. By writing it down, you can better determine if you have made it worst -- or better -- than it really is.
But facing the reality of it -- however dire -- is critical for surviving it.
2. Refuse to lose hope in the end of the story.
While Scripture promises us trial, tribulation, suffering, and hardships, it also promises us triumph in every situation.
So whether God chooses to deliver you from your crisis or deliver you through it, the end of the story will lead to His glory and to your benefit.
Romans 8:28 hasn't been deleted from your Bible.
I'm presently writing a book along with 20 other authors called Where's God? and all my subscribers (that's you) will receive a complimentary copy when it's published. In that book, we all weigh-in on what the Lord is up to when He lets His children go through unimaginable crisis.
Very often, God seems to have walked off the stage during such times. And His grace doesn't appear to be sufficient.
But when time passes and you look back, you discover that not only was He present, but His grace was fully sufficient to handle the situation.
And so it goes for people of faith.
So never lose hope that the end of the chapter is going to be to your benefit and to His glory.
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