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Check out our new and improved Church 101 Course (Starting with the Introduction PDF)

Check out our new and improved Church 101 Course
(Starting with the Introduction PDF)

July 25, 2016

One of our values in the LK10 Community is learning through experimentation.  As we listen to the Lord and to each other, proposals arise.  Proposals that help us live out our DNA (values).  We try them out.  Field test them.  And, we pay attention and consider the fruit.  Based on what we learn we make modifications and experiment some more. (Isn't this the way all children learn?!)

After several years of experimenting with our two "rhythms of attention", four and a half years ago we developed a free, four week course called "Church 101".  Over a thousand people have now taken that course. (See the YouTube screen shot below of one of the videos in the course.)  Many more have learned the two "rhythms of attention" in other ways.  For instance, 200 church leaders in Uganda learned through Bob Lidfor's teaching.

We have been reflecting on the most important lessons we have learned over these four and a half years and we have begun developing a "new and improved" Church 101. (Maybe we'll call it "Version 2.0".)  Here are the key new additions...
  1. Joy.  We want to incorporate what we are learning from Life Model Works (Jim Wilder).  The CO2 (Church of two) is one of the very best contexts for building joy.
  2. 10:2b Prayer.  This simple prayer (the way joy is spread!) is so important that we are developing a whole new Lesson on it.  (Version 2.0 will have five Lessons instead of four.)
  3. Institutional church.  We've learned that CO2s can bring life to institutional churches as well as house churches.  So, we are changing some of the language to make it more accessible to institutional church leaders.
  4. Bridge to Leader 101.  We now know that Leader 101 (another experiment over the last year!) is a powerful context for connecting and equipping leaders. We want to build a clear "bridge" for leaders who are considering this next step after Church 101.
  5. Coaching.  We want to offer a coach (ie, a member of one of our Leader Teams) for people going through Church 101.
I am very thankful for Toni Daniels (LK10 Coordinator for South America and Tennessee) and Kent Larson (LK10 Coordinator for Orange County, CA) who have been working with me to develop Church 101 (Version 2.0).  Amy Brown (LK10 Coordinator for Alabama) has also been assisting.

So far, we have finished the beta version for the Introduction PDF. We would love to have you take a look at it (try it out!) and give us your feed back.  To get your copy, simply email me and ask for it at  

Click on the picture below to watch the video that will be included in the Introduction PDF.

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