Jumat, 12 Agustus 2016

Are You a Prophet?

Are You a Prophet?
by Chip Brogden
A prophet (in the best Biblical sense of the word) is a person who discerns and declares, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the purposes of God concerning Christ.

We will develop that thought and build support for it as we progress. Because of the popular misconceptions of the prophetic ministry, some may initially find this definition too narrow. They may struggle with the idea that all prophetic utterance is Christ-centered.

For instance, what about all those end time events in the Book of Revelation? Some of them do not seem to directly speak about Jesus. Are they not prophetic?

This objection is easily overcome, but before we can overcome it, we must recognize one supreme, central, eternal truth: that everything God has done, is doing, and will do is connected somehow to bringing Christ more fully into view. Everything that God has said, is saying, and will say (prophetically or otherwise) is related to Christ: either directly, or indirectly, it all points and leads to Him.

We can safely discard as “interesting, but not prophetic” anything that claims to be prophetic but does not reveal or declare something concerning Christ...


I am your brother,
Chip Brogden 

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