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An Epidemic of Emotional Immaturity?

July 11, 2017

This week we're hearing from Jen and Ben Hamilton. They live in a little village in central Thailand, and strangely, there's a decent chance that I drove through their village eleven years ago. Though they live in Thailand, they're part of the Aussie LK10 contingent (have you also noticed that there just seem to be a lot of LK10 folks with Australian accents?).

There's two things that I want to draw your attention to in this video. First, I love that Jen kept bugging their house church over and over again (2:05) even though they were skeptical. A lot of the stories we highlight in this newsletter make it sound like 10:2b answers are all quick and exciting. However, I don't want that to negate the patient faithfulness that it takes to keep asking, to keep inviting, even in the face of rejection and skepticism. I love the stories of quick/exciting growth, but the church needs far more of this kind of patient faithfulness.

Second, Thai culture is obviously pretty different from American culture. Religious culture here in the States has primarily been shaped by Christianity, while religious culture in Thailand was shaped primarily by Buddhism. But when the Hamiltons talk about how difficult it is to get Thais to share their emotions (at about 5:50), I immediately think of all of the folks I know over here who are out of touch with their own hearts. Why is it so common in so many cultures for people to be so disconnected from their own hearts? Is this a global epidemic of emotional immaturity? Is this demonic forces at work? Are those two things one and the same?

Regardless of the cause, I think we need to be aware of the enormous scale of what we're dealing with here, and the importance of our task in the LK10 community. Yes, we are learning to engage our hearts and deal with our emotions so that we can be spiritually healthy people, but also so we can help others become healthier. Like the safety instructions right after boarding a plane, we're putting on our oxygen mask first so that we can survive, but also because we are most able to help others when we aren't gasping for oxygen ourselves.

If you have grown in any way because of engaging with your heart, with Jesus' heart, and the hearts of those around you through the LK10 practices, I can't tell you how thankful I am for that. If you are now part of spiritual family that you never before thought possible, praise God! But if you have received any benefit from LK10, my prayer is that you will continually ask God what ways you can help spread the movement. Please let us know if you want to have a conversation with any of our coaches about the possibilities. And of course, these kinds of questions are always welcome in the Facebook group.

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