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LK10 needs your help

LK10 needs your help
July 5, 2016

When someone asks me what LK10 does, here's the short answer I give them...

"We provide vision and training for the 65 million Americans who are done with church but not done with God."

Of course, that's not all we do.  We also provide that vision and training for people in many different countries in addition to the US (Uganda, Germany, Russia, Uruguay, Thailand, France, Australia to name a few).  And, we also increasingly provide training for people who are still in institutional churches.

We feel called by God to do this and we love doing it!  And, we love that we can provide the initial training (Church 101) at no cost to people.

But, we still have to pay our bills.  And, there is no outside organization that provides financing.  All of our financial support comes from people like you. People who believe in what we are doing and who have benefitted from the training.

How much do we need?  A year ago our Board approved a monthly budget of $5280 (very lean!)  To see the budget breakdown, go here.  Over the last year, our monthly income has grown to $4400.  But, that means we are still $880/month short of what we need.  So, my request is that you would talk to the Lord about making (or increasing) a monthly investment in LK10.  (For details on two ways to do this, see the right column of this Newsletter.)

A year ago, the President of the LK10 Board, Dr. Kent Smith, did an excellent job of explaining the "larger picture" of what LK10 is called to do. Give a listen (click on the picture below)...


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