Senin, 04 Juli 2016

appreciations to you -- well deserved

Hi Dave,
Two months of travel reminds me of the amazing partnership between you, the heroes at home, and the national workers on the field.
You are amazing partners!
  • You take seriously the heart of God who said he ‘so loved the world,’ and therefore you take seriously the needs of the least and the lost no matter where in the world they are.
  • You are willing to step out of your own busy world in order to give, pray, and encourage God’s work in foreign and remote places.
  • You believe that God can miraculously work in situations that seem humanly beyond hope.
You then partner with some amazing national workers who:
  • DorcasWork day and night to see God lift and reach people.
  • Seek to see disciples made who are free from religion yet empowered to reach others through movements of disciples, churches, and leaders.
  • Use the funds and resources given to them to help those in greatest need.
A very powerful partnership! Your part is essential!

It’s All About Lives Changed! Thank You!

A few ‘testimonies’ from the field:
A life transformed by the Gospel: “I became truly free. I was bound by such superstition and religion that was like a heavy load in my life. But I found total freedom and peace through God’s grace.”
Clean water for a village: “We were amazed that these people would kidsprovide us clean water for our children who struggle with disease. We were excited to hear their message.”
Abandoned children rescued: “Do you realize that many of these children on this playground (over 300) would not have food every day, would not be receiving this education, and many would not have people in their lives who truly care for them?”

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"Does it make a difference?"
Thank you for your partnership!
Love, Roger and Brooks

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